DONOVAN ROSEMAN & RENFRO LLC was founded on the principle that we will work with our clients to help them be better equipped to grow their business and become more profitable. We have accumulated decades of experience with closely-held and family owned businesses; we know which policies and procedures really work and are not too difficult to implement and monitor. Our approach treats the business and its owners together as parts of one system so that we can integrate the planning for one with the other. Neither can prosper without the consideration of the other.

We provide traditional attest services including compilations, reviews and audits on either the GAAP basis or the simpler and easier to understand Financial Reporting Framework for Small and Medium-Sized Entities. Alternatively, we have found that many businesses and lenders prefer us to provide agreed-upon-procedures reports that can provide more direct and pertinent information on the most significant issues of the business at a lower cost than traditional reports. We can also provide assistance with most accounting software and help your internal accounting personnel to properly and efficiently record transactions.

We are truly expert in our tax consulting and compliance services for federal, state and local taxation. We are your advocate for paying the least amount of tax and deferring your tax liability as long as possible. We will never put you in a position of concern over a tax position that we have advocated. We will review your business and personal tax situations and provide detailed and easy to understand explanations and plans to reduce or defer your eventual income tax liabilities. We have extensive experience in controversy work with the IRS and state and local taxing authorities.

We can also provide the “family office” for your bill paying, electronic document retention and personal planning. We will keep track of your investment results and accumulate the information needed for your tax returns. We can take all of the financial record-keeping out of your hands and provide peace of mind that all of your transactions are timely and accurately recorded. We will then provide you with regular reporting according to your schedule.

In some cases, we can provide clients with the functions of a controller or a CFO on an as-needed basis, whether it be weekly, monthly, or just to cover a short-term need that has arisen. We can also review your internal accounting policies and procedures to provide suggestions for improving internal control and/or better reporting to management.

We hope and anticipate that every client relationship be a long-term commitment that provides benefits to our clients that far exceed the cost of the services that we provide. We look forward to expanding our practice and developing more clients because we really do love our jobs and the relationships that result.

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